Studio production

Studio productionWith 3 years experience of working in professional studios, using Protools HD, we are able to offer full studio production services, from Voice Overs to full band recordings. You can rest assured that your music is in safe hands, as your engineer will be a fully certified Protools user, having completed training to industry standards. We are also able to offer mobile recording services – if you feel unable to pay the cost of a professional studio, we will come to you*, as we are equipped to offer up to 32-track mobile recording services.

What a dependable person!  Peter was instrumental for the production of The New Song Choir’s maiden audio CD. He managed time and resources to produce a masterpiece. He demonstrated responsibility and dedication by scheduling numerous recording sessions, CD packaging and production, and even photo takes. I highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed with the quality of his work.

Border Trilogy demo


*providing you are located somewhere with a low enough level of ambient noise.