Sound Dynamics is a local audio production company based in Reading, Berkshire.  For more information on our services, please click on a link below:

Live music

Live sound hire

If you need sound for anything from a small conference, to a pub band, to a full theatre show, click here.

Live recording

Live recording

If you are interested in our live recording services, click here.

Studio production

Studio recording

If you would like to produce anything from a demo to a full studio album, click here.

Tape and vinyl


If you have tapes or records which you want to save but don’t have room for, we can transfer them all to CD or mp3’s.

Having worked with Peter on collaborative projects several times in my final year at Bucks, I found him exceptionally competent, professional and easy to work with. A thorough perfectionist too, on every project we worked on I felt Peter would always go the extra mile (and therefore, the extra late evening!) to finish the job to a really high standard.